Humanities Education

Course Catalog(Humanities Education)


We offered more than 50

humanities courses to

undergraduates. The purpose of

courses is to teach students

preliminary humanistic research

methods, strengthen their

cognition of traditional culture,

promote their cultural selfconfidence,

establish their sense

of responsibility as cultural

inheritors and cultural creators,

and achieve the goal of moral

cultivation of general education.

Course Catalog

introduction to Historical Records

Introduction to Chinese History

Critical Reading on Analects

Introduction to the Book of Songs

Close Reading of Tangpoems Songwords Yuansongs

The Art of Chinese Classical Poetry

The Introduction of DuFu and His Poetry

The Introduction of Zhuangzi

Chinese Characters and Culture

The Introduction of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Drama

Literature and Life

History of Chinese Calligraphy

Globalization and Contemporary World Politics & Economy

An Introduction to Japanese History and Culture

China Profile

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