USST organized the "Sensing China" Trip to Jinshan for International Students


In order to further help international students in USST deeply understand the current situation of China's economic and social development, and cultivate their emotion of knowing and befriending China, Hujiang College organized the 2021 Sensing China Trip to Jinshanfrom October 22th to 23th, and 22 CSC students participated in the event.

On the morning of the 22nd, the students went togetherto Rongxin Academy, a cultural and educational exhibition institution that inherits and disseminates Confucianism, to learn traditional etiquette, experience the Sinology education and understandthe traditional Chinese culture closely. In the afternoon, the students visited Shanghai Triowin Company,an alumni enterprise, and listened to the report on The Development Status and Trend of Robots given by Mr. Tong Shanggao, which helped international students have a deep understanding of the booming development of China's advanced intelligent manufacturing industry.

On the 23rd, our students went to Cheng Shifa's ancestral residence, Ding Cong Cartoon Exhibition Hall and Jinshan Peasant Painting Village. Through fieldcommunication with local farmers, they also understood the innovative development of China's new socialist countryside in different regions according to their unique historical, ecological and cultural resources.They, then, visited Jinshanzui fishing village, the last fishing village in Shanghai, and intuitively felt the historical changes of Shanghai from a small fishing village to an international metropolis.

Boka, a doctoral student from Mongolia, said: Shanghai is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional Chinese characteristics. I think it's very special for us to travel through Tradition and Modernity in the past two days. I think China is in the leading position in the world in protecting history and culture and developing modern technology. This wonderful activity broadened my horizons and deepened my love China more.