A Feast of Vision and Knowledge: International Freshmen Visited Shanghai and Perceived the Charm of Chinese Civilization


It was the opening season of another year, and Hujiang college had welcomed the international freshmen of Class 2022. It organized a trip for first-year students to visit Shanghai Guanfu Museum and ERA-The Clumsys. This was done to aid the new international students’ integration into Shanghai and to feel the spirit of China and the soul of Shanghai.

During the visit, international students appreciated the craftsmanship and patterns of cultural relics related to China and their hometowns and felt the influence of mysterious Chinese culture on Europe in the 18th century. In the afternoon, they watched an ERA-The Clumsys performance that connected modern technology and Chinese acrobatic art and felt the Shanghai spirit of “going beyond ourselves and pursuing excellence”.

Hujiang College will continue to hold activities to experience Chinese culture so that international students can experience the allure of Chinese culture through the historical and cultural advancements.