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Introduction of International Student Apartment

The International Student Apartment (ISA) of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is located at No. 516, Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. The four-floor apartment has a building area of 4055. There are 106 rooms; 28 of them are single rooms and 78 of them are double rooms. 36 double rooms own private bathrooms (1 single room and 11 double rooms for each floor except the fourth floor). 42 double rooms have no private bathroom. From the first floor to the third floor, there are 26 double rooms on each floor; 12 rooms own private bathrooms and 14 rooms have no bathroom. There are 28 single rooms on the fourth floor.

The public building area covers 630. There are 3 shared kitchens, 1 guest room, 4 shared washrooms, and 3 showerrooms; from the first floor to the third floor, each floor owns one shower room. The fourth floor has 6 shower rooms. The laundry room is on the ground floor.

On the ground floor of the apartment, there is anestate management office and in the hall, there isa reception desk. The administrative staff there will provide the students with 24-hour-services. There is a guest room on the first floor and in the hallways of the second floor and third floor, there are public activity areas.

Double-room: RMB 35-65/day/person

Instruction of Facilities in International Student Apartment

Indoor Facilities





bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelf,


Please use carefully and don’t move it to aisles or other places.



Air conditioner. (Other electric

appliance is forbidden to use).

Please use applicance according to the

instruction. Any breakdown caused not by man-made factors, please report for repairs.


Bedclothes embracing bed sheet, quilt, mattress, quilt cover, pillowcase, pillow (one each item) are provided for the

short-term exchange students by the apartment.

Please change and clean by yourself and return all the articles while checking out; as for the long-term exchange students,

the bedclothes will not be prepared by

the apartment but yourselves.


Broadband accesse.

Students need to pay for the usage of

internet by themselves

(see more in Instructions for Cards



sprayer, basin, toilet, shower curtain,

hot water power, etc.

Please take care of the facilities. Any

breakdown caused not by man-made

factors, please report for repairs.




Please take care of the facilities. Any

breakdown caused not by man-made

factors, please report for repairs.

If there is heavy smoke or fire in the

room, the smoke sensor will alarm

automatically and start to spray.

  • Indoor electricity: Monthly free usage standard is 200KWh/single room, and the accumulated usage is available. You need to pay for the exceeding usage with CNY0.617/KWh by charging the electricity key.

  • Showering: Your foodcard must be used when you use hot water for showering in the bathroom. You need to pay for the usage by charging the food card.

  • Check-out:

  • When the schooling is over or you want to move out midway, you need to settle up the room fee andextra electricity fee. If it is confirmed that there is no damage of the room and the facilities, you can check out with your room card at the reception desk of the apartment. The original cost will be charged if any damage caused.

  • Check: Administrative Staffs of the apartment will come to your room to check the power consumption, safety and sanitation condition each month, please cooperate with their work.

Public Facilities






1 in each public room on each floor; hot & cold drinking water

Please follow the instruction in case of the scald.

Don’t put the drinking water to the other uses.



6 automatic washing machines and 2 drying machines in the laundry room of the ground floor

CNY3.5/barrel for washing. CNY7/barrel for

drying 8Kg/barrel at most. A washing card is needed for laundry service. Please buy the card at the reception desk of the apartment with CNY50/card (including the deposit of CNY15).



2 desks, 6 chairs

The hallways of Floor 2 and Floor 3.



2 desks, 6 chairs

The hallways of Floor 2 and Floor 3.



tables, chairs

Floor 1



building gate and each room

Put the card close to the imprinters of the gate,

waiting for the green light before entering);

Report the loss of the card at the reception desk

and pay CNY15 for a new card/room key.


1. Please read carefully each of the rules of living in the International Student Apartment and behave

yourself accordingly.

2. Please protect facilities and always keep clean in your room or the public area.

3. Report for repairs: go to reception center to fill in the repair form or call 55125006 in an emergency.

4. Useful Tel. numbers:

                        Reception Center of ISA: 55125006

                        International Students Office: 55271930

5. Emergency Calls:

                        Medical Aid/Ambulance: 120  

                        Security Police: 110  

  Fire: 119  

  Tel. No. Inquiry: 114