To Understand the Epidemic in Chinese, We are with the World


Since the new semester began online on March 2nd, the teaching team of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of Hujiang College have been waiting for students from different countries in the online classerooms everyday. International students from different countries with difference in time zone, internet environment, and economic conditionsovercome their own difficulties to log in the classroom (over 80% of international students sign in), the team teachers are deeply aware of their responsibility and mission. As the epidemic spread across the world, a seminar on “Community with a Shared Future for Mankind was added to the course “China Profile” by teacherGuo Yedan. During theconversation course, the high quality literature and art creation of anti-epidemic theme in our school is organically integrated with no deviation from the curriculum outline by teacher Liu Shu. When answering questions, Ms. Ji dongzhen made a topic named Chinese Catchwordswhich kept pace with the times and collected new Chinese catchwords generated during the epidemic. The team integrated the daily teaching with the concept of caring about the life of overseas students in the epidemic and spreading the idea of the Chinese government and the global cooperation in fighting against the epidemic. Figure out the epidemic in Chinese, understand China in Chinese, and care for the world in Chinese. Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. For nearly a month, the team of teachingChinese as a Foreign Language have been teaching Chinese in the Chinese classroom to deliver the voice of Chinas love to the world and embrace the world suffering the epidemic in Chinese.