The second Han clothing exhibition and experience event were successfully held


The excellent traditional Chinese culture is reflected in all aspects of the Chinese people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. Especially the traditional Han clothing, which is clearly different from the traditional costumes and accessories system of other ethnic groups, is the embodiment of China's "country of clothes", "state of etiquette", and "splendid China". USST successfully held the second Han clothing exhibition and experience event, which received wide attention and praise.

  Participants: All teachers and students of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

  Activity time: Saturday, November 9, 2019 13: 30-15: 00.

  Venue: The large lawn on the north side of Xiangzhang Avenue, the main road of the school headquarters (turned into the concert hall in case of rain).

  Forms of activities: Han clothing catwalk, poetry recitation, poetry ambition, Han clothing experience, Han clothing knowledge lectures, etc.