A letter to all students


       With the emergence of the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, Shanghai has initiated a first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies, taking measures to limit crowding, strengthen the management of floating population, and implement health and quarantine measures. For the health and safety of every student, our university implements closed campus management.
      Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, we have always been very concerned about all the students. Students’ understanding and cooperation in epidemic prevention work has moved us deeply. At present, it is a key stage to stop the spread of the epidemic. We will continue providing you with accurate outbreak information and other services and assistance within our ability in a timely manner.
      At this moment, students must first take care of themselves and obey the closed management of the university. This is the greatest help to stop this epidemic; maintain a good attitude, stay no panic in front of the epidemic; pay proper attention to official institutions (such as: National Health Commission, Shanghai Overseas Affairs Office, Shanghai Release, etc.), get epidemic information, learn relevant knowledge, and improve self-protection capabilities. From another perspective, students will have a slow life experience, which allows them to read, write and calm down to seriously think about many issues about life, school and work. So please stay in university in peace, be patient to this time, and think about those volunteers who are busy on the front line and fighting for us. This experience will always be etched in your memory.
      Dear students, cooperating with the epidemic prevention and control work is related to each of us, and is also our responsibility and obligation. Each of our teachers is actively contacting and communicating with our students. The classmates have also sent many heart-warming words thanking the teacher for their help, for their hard work keeping the safety of everyone, hoping to meet each other soon in the new semester. The teachers thank the students for their understanding and will stand guard for their safety and health! And will keep helping students solve problems. Please believe that the university is always concerned about the health and safety of every student. Let us work together to win this epidemic as soon as possible! Thank you!
                                                                    Hujiang College