USST International students shared thoughts on Chinese President Xi Jinping’s reply letter


Hujiang College forwarded Xinhua News to international students in a timely manner, held a discussion, and exchanged thoughts with each other. International students have expressed that the Chinese government has played an important role in the global fight against the epidemic. They are very grateful to the Chinese government and university for their equal care and concern.

Since the outbreak, our university has taken a variety of measures to protect and help international students, and has provided equal and comprehensive care and assistance to Chinese and foreign students who stayed in the school during the outbreak.

OKECH EMMANUEL OKWAKO, who come from The Republic of Kenya,said: Thank you very much for the help and protection of international students by the university and the Chinese government. During the epidemic, people around the world were not easy. There are so many people in the world died from the new crown epidemic. We are lucky to stay in China and live safely. We understand some of the new regulations the school has made to protect campus safety, and believe the situation will get better and better in the future.

BEIJING, May 18 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping extended welcome to excellent youth from all countries in the world to study in China in his Sunday reply to a letter from all Pakistani students studying in the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).

In his letter, Xi encouraged the students to communicate more with their Chinese peers and join hands with youth from all countries to contribute to promoting people-to-people connectivity and building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Learning that the students have enriched their knowledge and made quite a few Chinese friends while studying in China, Xi said he felt happy for the achievements they have made.

"As you have felt, since the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, the Chinese government and schools have always cared for the lives and health of foreign students studying in China, providing all-round help for them," Xi noted.

The Chinese government and people put people's lives first and treat foreigners in the country the same as Chinese nationals, making no exception in offering them care, Xi wrote.

Xi said he learned that many foreign students have expressed their support to the Chinese people in various ways during China's fight against COVID-19.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed," he said, adding that China will continue providing various help to all foreign students studying in the country.

While welcoming excellent youth from other countries to study in China, Xi encouraged them to learn more about the country, communicate more with their Chinese peers and tell the world more about the China they see.

The USTB currently has 52 Pakistani students. They recently wrote about their experiences and feelings of studying in China in a letter to Xi and expressed their gratitude to the university for providing care and help for them after the COVID-19 outbreak.

They also expressed their aspirations to join in building the Belt and Road after graduation and contribute to enhancing China-Pakistan friendship.