The 2020 International Student Graduation Farewell Party was successfully held


At 11:30 in the morning on June 19, the 2020 International Student Graduation Farewell Party was successfully held in Room 110 of Hujiang College. Executive Vice President of Hujiang College, Secretary of the Party Branch Chen Hong, Deputy Dean Liang Yu, and Chinese Language Teachers, counselors, graduates of Bachelor and Pre-Language International students attended the event.

First of all, Chen Hong congratulated all international students for their successful completion of their studies, and sent a wish to the graduated international students from all over the world, hoping to continue their efforts in the future life journey, continue to surpass themselves, and fully plays a role in their own countries after studying in China, and actively acts as a bridge between the host country and China's friendly exchanges.

Every international student gave a graduation speech at the meeting. They said that the study life in USST is very memorable. Although learning Chinese is very hard, they are very happy to have made great progress in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. They thank the teachers being patient in their academic guidance, thank for their love. In the future, they will continue to improve their Chinese and continue to work hard in their studies and work.

Afterwards, graduate representatives came to the stage to present flowers to the teachers. The teachers also returned graduation gifts to the students with their deepest blessings.

Language student MANOJ SAKHAKARMI sang some traditional folk songs with guitar, and students played several word games together. The whole farewell party was filled with fun and music. Everyone cherished each other, and took photos together. Hope all international students will embrace a brilliant tomorrow!